1. open XD
  2. create a document that is 1440px by 1440px
  3. create a circle that is 467px by 457px and place it at the center top of the page
  4. change the color of the circle to hex #6FD1D9 at 44% opacity and remove the border color
  5. duplicate this circle twice by clicking copy paste (or option then drag it)
  6. place the second circle overlapping the bottom left part of the first circle
  7. place the third circle overlapping the bottom right part of the first circle. it should now look similar to a venn diagram
  8. create an upside down triangle that is 604px (width) and 598px (height) and place it underneath (but not touching) the second and third circle
  9. change the color of the triangle to hex #C39D9D at 100% opacityy and remove the border color
  10. export the file by clicking file - export - all artboards - format: png
  11. send it to me at tleblan@masonlive.gmu.edu !!